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Ordinance No. 22927-09-2017 <br /> AN ORDINANCE APPROPRIATING FUNDING FOR THE OPERATING BUDGET OF THE <br /> CITY OF FORT WORTH FOR THE ENSUING FISCAL YEAR, BEGINNING OCTOBER 1, <br /> 2017, AND ENDING SEPTEMBER 30, 2018, INCLUDING AN APPROPRIATION TO PAY <br /> DEBT SERVICE REQUIREMENTS ON OUTSTANDING INDEBTEDNESS; AND <br /> DELEGATING AUTHORITY FOR CERTAIN TRANSFERS AND ALLOCATIONS <br /> WITHIN BUDGETED AMOUNTS; AND RATIFYING CITY COUNCIL APPROVED <br /> APPROPRIATION ORDINANCES EFFECTING THIS BUDGET; AND INCORPORATING <br /> BUDGET ON FILE WITH CITY SECRETARY, AS REVISED BY CITY COUNCIL; AND <br /> PROHIBITING THE EXPENDING, OBLIGATING, OR COMMITTING OF FUNDS IN <br /> EXCESS OF APPROPRIATIONS OR ACTUAL AVAILABLE RESOURCES; AND <br /> ESTABLISHING LEGAL LEVEL OF CONTROL; AND PROVIDING FOR PUBLICATION; <br /> AND PROVIDING A SEVERABILITY CLAUSE; AND PROVIDING A SAVINGS <br /> CLAUSE; AND PROVIDING FOR REPEAL OF ALL ORDINANCES AND <br /> APPROPRIATIONS IN CONFLICT HEREWITH; AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE <br /> DATE <br /> WHEREAS, on August 15, 2017, the City Manager submitted a recommended Fiscal Year 2018 <br /> operating budget to the City Council; and <br /> WHEREAS, in a series of budget work sessions the City Council met with the City Manager and staff <br /> to review the recommended budget and make revisions; and <br /> WHEREAS, this ordinance includes all appropriations necessary to implement the FY2018 operating <br /> budget as recommended by the City Manager and revised by the City Council. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FORT <br /> WORTH, Texas that the operating appropriation for the ensuing fiscal year, beginning October 1, 2017 and <br /> ending September 30,2018,for the different funds,departments and purposes of the City of Fort Worth be fixed <br /> and determined as detailed below, supporting a budget that includes 7,505 total authorized positions. <br />