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Ordinance No. 22929-09-2017 <br /> AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE LEVY AND COLLECTION OF AN <br /> ANNUAL AD VALOREM TAX ON ALL PROPERTY, REAL, PERSONAL <br /> AND MIXED, SITUATED WITHIN THE TERRITORIAL LIMITS OF THE CITY <br /> OF FORT WORTH, TEXAS, AND ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY OWNED IN <br /> SAID CITY OF FORT WORTH, TEXAS, ON THE FIRST DAY OF JANUARY, <br /> A.D. 2017, EXCEPT SUCH PROPERTY AS MAY BE EXEMPT FROM <br /> TAXATION BY THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS OF THE STATE OF <br /> TEXAS; AND APPROVING THE TAX ROLL; AND PROVIDING FOR A <br /> PENALTY; AND PROVIDING A SEVERABILITY CLAUSE; AND <br /> PROVIDING A SAVINGS CLAUSE; AND PROVIDING FOR THE REPEAL OF <br /> ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT WITH THE PROVISIONS OF THIS <br /> ORDINANCE; AND PROVIDING FOR THE PUBLICATION AND FINAL <br /> PASSAGE THEREOF <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FORT WORTH, <br /> TEXAS: <br /> SECTION 1. <br /> That there is hereby levied, adopted and shall be collected by the City of Fort Worth, Texas, <br /> as provided by law, an annual ad valorem tax for the year 2017, at the rate of$0.8050 on every one <br /> hundred dollar ($100.00) valuation on all property, real, personal and mixed, situated in, and all <br /> personal property owned in, the City of Fort Worth, Texas, on the first day of January, A.D. 2017, <br /> liable under the law to taxation and not exempt therefrom by the Constitution and laws of the State <br /> of Texas. The ad valorem tax rate is divided into a maintenance and operation levy of$0.6415 for <br /> general fund operations and a debt levy of$0.1635 for servicing outstanding debt obligations. <br /> SECTION 2. <br /> That the debt portion of the tax levy, which is hereinbefore made, is to provide for the <br /> payment of interest and to create a redemption fund to discharge and pay principal and interest on <br /> any general obligations due or owing by the City of Fort Worth, Texas, and shall not be taken as an <br />