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Ordinance No. ~ ~3 ~~ <br />AN ORDINANCE INCREASING THE ESTIMATED RECEIPTS AND APPROPRIATIONS IN THE <br />GRANTS FUND IN THE AMOUNT OF $40,974.50 FROM AVAILABLE FUNDS FOR THE PURPOSE <br />OF FUNDING THE "JIJNTOS PODEMOS" (TOGETHER, WE CAN) LITERACY PROGRAM, <br />PROVIDING FOR A SEVERABILITY CLAUSE, MAKING THIS ORDINANCE CUMULATIVE OF <br />PRIOR ORDINANCES AND REPEALING ALL PRIOR ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT HEREWITH, <br />AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FORT WORTH, TEXAS. <br />SECTION 1 <br />That in addition to those amounts allocated to the various City departments for the Fiscal Year 2000-01 and in the Budget of <br />the City Manager, there shall also be increased estimated receipts and appropriations in Grants Fund in the amount of <br />$40,974.50 from available funds for the purpose of funding the "JIJNTOS PODEMOS" (Together, We Can) Literacy <br />Program. <br />SECTION 2. <br />That should any portion, section or part of a section of this ordinance be declared invalid, inoperative or void for any reason by <br />a court of competent jurisdiction, such decision, opinion or judgment shall m no way impair the remaining portions, sections, <br />or parts of sections of this ordinance, which said remaining provisions shall be and remain in full force and effect. <br />SECTION 3 <br />That this ordinance shall be cumulative of Ordinance No. 13886 and all other ordinances and appropriations amending the <br />same except in those instances where the provisions of this ordinance are in direct conflict with such other ordinances and <br />appropriations, in which instance said conflicting provisions of said prior ordinances and appropriations are hereby expressly <br />repealed. <br />SECTION 4 <br />This ordinance shall take effect and be in full force after the date of its passage, and it is so ordained. <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM AND LEGALITY <br />Acs~sistant City Attorney <br />/ ~(~'~ <br />Date <br />~-lj-00 <br />Adopted <br />9-20 -ov <br />Effective <br />