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CITY SECRETARY <br /> U.S.Department of'JSQKTRACT NO. <br /> Bureau of'Alcohol, Tobacco, <br /> Firearms and Explosives <br /> www att'.gov <br /> MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING <br /> BETWEEN <br /> TAE BUREAU OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, FIREARMS AND EXPLOSIVE,S(ATE'), <br /> And <br /> THE FORT WORTH POLICE DEPARTMENT <br /> This Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU")is entered into by and between the Bureau of <br /> Alwhol, Zobaccol Fla-earms and Explosives("AIT") and the Fort Wotth Police Depaxtrnent <br /> (FWPD) as it relates to the Af F Task Force (herein referred to as the"x ask farce"). <br /> AUTHORITIES <br /> Offenses investigated and enforced pur-suant to this MOU are those falling within.ATE's <br /> jurisdiction 28 U S C sec 599A; 27 CFR sec., 0.130.. Specifically,the Gun Control Act of 1968, <br /> 18 U3.C.. §§ 921 et se q. and the National F creams Act,26 U.,S.,C §§ 5 861 et. se <br /> PURPOSE <br /> f he Task force Will perfom the activities and duties described below: <br /> a Investigate firearms trafficking <br /> b. Investigate firearms related violent crime <br /> c., Gather and report intelligence data relating to trafficking in firearms <br /> d.. Conduct undercover operations when-e approprzate and engage in other traditional <br /> methods ofinvestigation in order that the Task Force=s activities will result in effective <br /> prosecution before the courts oft he the United Statds and the State of'Texas., <br /> CC ReC <br /> OR9 <br /> oFF4ClAL <br /> RFrpRIC <br /> Flury 5F <br /> ror <br /> 0Tt1���X <br /> ATF JLEO Task Force MOU page 1 <br />