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ORDINANCE NO.22098-03-2016 <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE <br /> CITY OF FORT WORTH, BEING ORDINANCE NO. 21653, AS <br /> AMENDED, BY AMENDING CHAPTER 17 "HUMAN RELATIONS," <br /> ARTICLE III, "DISCRIMINATION" TO ADD DIVISION V <br /> "REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION OR MODIFICATION FOR <br /> RESIDENTIAL USES" FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES TO <br /> PROVIDE A PROCESS TO REQUEST AND APPROVE SUCH <br /> ACCOMMODATION; PROVIDING THAT THIS ORDINANCE SHALL <br /> BE CUMULATIVE; PROVIDING A SEVERABILITY CLAUSE; <br /> PROVIDING A SAVINGS CLAUSE; AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE <br /> DATE <br /> WHEREAS, housing that is accessible to people with disabilities has been identified as a <br /> special housing need in the 2013 City of Fort Worth Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing <br /> Choice report; and <br /> WHEREAS, the 2013 City of Fort Worth Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing <br /> Choice report calls for a reasonable accommodation ordinance that streamlines and formalizes <br /> City procedures related to accommodations; and <br /> WHEREAS, Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended by the Federal Fair <br /> Housing Amendments Act of 1988 ("FHA"), and the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") <br /> impose an affirmative duty on local governments to make reasonable accommodations <br /> (modifications or exceptions) in their rules, policies, practices, or services related to zoning and <br /> land use regulation when such accommodation may be necessary to afford an individual with a <br /> disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Fort Worth has historically provided for accommodations <br /> through the use of existing regulatory procedures not specifically designed for people with <br /> disabilities; and <br /> WHEREAS, codification of a formal procedure for individuals with disabilities seeking <br /> equal access to housing to request reasonable accommodation in the application of the City's <br /> land use and zoning standards, regulations, policies, and procedures and establishment of <br /> relevant criteria to be used when considering such requests will ensure prompt, fair and efficient <br /> handling of such requests in accordance with the statutory mandates, including the reasonable <br /> accommodation mandates of the FHA and ADA. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE,BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF <br /> THE CITY OF FORT WORTH, TEXAS AS FOLLOWS: <br /> Chapter 17,Art. 3 Div. V: Reasonable Accommodation Ordinance No.22098-03-2016 <br /> Page 1 of 8 <br />