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ORDINANCE NO. 21123-02-2014 <br /> AN ORDINANCE ORDERING AN ELECTION BY THE <br /> QUALIFIED VOTERS OF THE CITY OF FORT WORTH, -TEXAS, <br /> ON MAY 10, 2014, ON THE QUESTION OF THE ISSUANCE OF <br /> AD VALOREM TAX SUPPORTED PUBLIC SECURITIES FOR <br /> THE 2014 CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF FORT WORTH, <br /> TEXAS: <br /> SECTION L <br /> ELECTION ORDERED <br /> That the City Council hereby orders that an election be held on Saturday, May 10, 2014. <br /> The City Council, hereby finds that the date at which said election shall be held is not less than <br /> fifteen (15) days nor more than ninety (90) days from the date this Ordinance is adopted. <br /> SECTION 2. <br /> PROPOSITIONS <br /> That at said election, the following propositions shall be submitted in accordance with <br /> law: <br /> PROPOSITION NO. I <br /> Shall the City Council of the City of Fort Worth be authorized to issue the public <br /> securities of the City as authorized by law at the time of issuance, in one or more <br /> series or issues, in the aggregate principal amount of $219,740,000.00 with said <br /> public securities of each such series or issue, respectively, to mature at the date or <br /> dates specified in the issuing instruments, with no such date to exceed forty years <br /> from the date of suet) issuance, and to be sold at such prices and bear interest at <br /> such rates as shall be determined by the City Council, for the following street and <br /> transportation-related purposes, to-wit: constructing permanent street and <br /> drainage improvements; reconstructing, rehabilitating, restructuring, and <br /> extending the streets, thoroughfares, intersections, sidewalks, bridges, <br /> pedestrianways, bicycleways, streetscapes, collectors, signalization, signage, other <br /> traffic and signal. controls, street lighting, and median improvements and the <br /> acquisition of land therefor in said City; and improvements related to all of the <br /> foregoing; and/or contributing toward the funding of any or all of the foregoing; <br /> and shall said City Council be authorized to levy and cause to be assessed and <br /> collected annual ad vatorem, taxes in an amount sufficient to pay the annual <br /> Ordinance No. 21123-02-2014 <br /> Page 1 of 12 <br />